Annie Lee is an illustrator from Hong Kong and now based in Melbourne, Australia. She has been involved in art and design for over twenty years. During that time, annie was a toy designer, a graphic designer and an art director and started working full time as an illustrator in 1990. Having worked with some of the leading advertising agencies in the world on many global campaigns, her internationally awarded Cathay Pacific Airways campaign is probably the most famous. She created the unique brushstroke style to help McCann Erickson win the campaign in 1994 and went on to be the sole illustrator till 2003. Her work has also featured in most of the leading international publications like Time Magazine, Asia Week, Far Eastern Economic Review and countless others.

What makes Annie's work stand out is her innovative creative approach. Each commission is totally original and she uses a huge variety of artistic methods to achieve this. As well as the traditional skills for which she is famous, brushes, inks, pens and paint, she will incorporate clay, sand, cotton, needles, pins, anything to make the work unique. Annie combines her creative skills with an equal command of the computer. She has worked with some of the leading advertising agencies scattered throughout the world so she is used to transferring her work on to any digital format for previewing approval and production. Besides being a renowned commercial artist Annie is well known as an Artist in her own right .Many examples of her work can be seen on the Web site. If you are interested either in her commercial or fine art pieces then please don't hesitate to contact her.